Machining, cutting and stamping

Machining centres 5-axes

Infinite possibilities

Machining of parts

In small and medium series

Total management

From the design of the pieces to the final tests

Guaranteed quality

Zero defects and zero delays
We are specialized in the machining of complex parts, in stamping and bar turning. We take care of the welding and we make assembly of sets.


In RODISA we are prepared to respond to market demand, offering quality services and with an optimal level of service.


Our company is designed to meet with great flexibility and independence the needs of customers who demand a rapid response.


We are competitive in price thanks to the control of costs and efficiency in production, offering you the best quality / price ratio in the market.

Infinite possibilities

Thanks to our technology and capabilities we can efficiently process endless pieces in terms of sizes and shapes.


Automatic manufacture under the plan of precision turned parts in stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum …, in small and medium series for the electronics, micromechanics and automobile industries, among others.

Technology & Capability

We have several machining centers and CNC lathes, as well as other tools and machinery assisted by numerical control of last generation to provide a machining of high precision and reliability.


Our management system complies with the highest standards and we apply the most advanced concepts of quality. We also have the appropriate technical means to guarantee the quality of our products.

We are in the Industrial Estate of Somonte.
C/ María González “La Pondala”, 36. Gijón, Asturias.

T. +34 985 303 728 
F. +34 985 303 726