We manufacture a wide range of products in small and medium series.

Our products

  • Machined pieces.
  • Stamped parts.
  • Welded assemblies.
  • Mechanical assemblies.


We use all kinds of carbon steels, stainless steels, special alloys such as titanium, aluminum and plastics, non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, copper).

Infinite possibilities

Thanks to our technology and capabilities we can efficiently process endless pieces in terms of sizes and shapes.


We mechanize in 5 axes pieces of complex geometries of up to 1800x800mm and we have milling machines for larger pieces (up to 6 meters).


We are specialists in the manufacture of series of revolution parts, material machining in bar by chip removal in our CNC lathes.


We also have in our facilities several stamping presses for the manufacture of metal parts of low thickness with own dies.


We design your pieces to measure and under plan, we advise you and we offer you the best finishes such as paint, chrome, galvanized or anticorrosion solutions. The result is a durable and high performance product.


Great experience in the design and manufacture of machines for the logistics handling sector.

We are in the Industrial Estate of Somonte.
C/ María González “La Pondala”, 36. Gijón, Asturias.

T. +34 985 303 728 
F. +34 985 303 726